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You must complete the following three steps to be approved to volunteer

Anyone interested in volunteering within the CABC must have an approved Volunteer Status with UCPS. If you have been approved previously, please check your status to make sure it is up to date.

To register as a new volunteer, follow the steps below:

Step One   

Sign on to the VMS web page (  Under the VMS Home screen, click the link, “Apply online to Volunteer with UCPS” in the white box.

Step Two

Enter your name, desired username, password, email address and click “Register”.  A confirmation screen will appear.  Open the email sent by the Volunteer Management System and click the link provided in the email to confirm your registration.

Step Three

The VMS Home screen will appear.  Login using your username and password.  Complete online volunteer application and submit to desired schools.

* Please check your volunteer status from time to time and make any adjustments required. If too much time passes between volunteer assignments you may have to reapply for volunteer status with UCPS