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Middle School Sports Information

CAV Fall Sports

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CAV Winter Sports

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CAV Spring Sports

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Required Middle School Paperwork:

The physical form REQUIRES the physician signature.

The forms will be submitted electronically on FAMILYID.  Please ensure each form is complete and scanned separately BEFORE you start the Registration Process

Please note always keep copies of your physical and medical letters. 

All paperwork will need to be uploaded to your FAMILY ID ACCOUNT.


CABC Sports Fees-Fall/Winter/Spring

Most of Cuthbertson Middle School sports are sponsored by the CABC and are funded by the registration fees as outlined below.  

CMS Basketball and Basketball Cheer are UCPS sponsored programs and there are no fees to participate. Please contact Tess Palmer for information on these sports.

Please note that no refunds will be issued for any reason once a spot on a team is accepted.

Please check the individual team pages for more information.  

There are no make-up dates for missed tryouts so please ensure you check the website often for tryout dates.  We will post exact dates as soon as they are available.

**Deposit checks for uniform/equipment are required for some sports at uniform/equipment pickup and deposit checks are returned at the end of the season when uniform/equipment is turned in in good order.


It is CABC policy not to refund a participation fee once it has been paid for any reason. By paying the fee, it locks in a roster spot for your child that may have been extended to another athlete had you not accepted it.