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CMS Football Commissioner Corner

This area of the web site will be utilized by our CMS Football Commissioner Tim Burke to inform parents and CABC members of any important information that concerns our CABC/CMS Football program.

Below is the 2017 CMS football communication and the goal here is to outline the season.  If you have any questions please contact

Important Dates / Information


Concussion Impact Testing

Is required for 12-17 year olds.  CMS Concussion testing is for any rising 6th and those 7th or 8th graders who have not previously taken the concussion impact test. Testing dates are Wednesday June 7th and Thursday, June 8th from 4-5:30; last test must start before 4:45 (anyone attending after 4:45 will be asked to attend another session).  Testing will take place in Ms. Dodson's room (the computer room), Room C 104.  Testing is also available on Thursday, June 15th from 9-11; last test must start before 10:15 (anyone attending after 10:15 will be asked to attend another session).

Voluntary Conditioning

Voluntary training for all players will start as soon as June 12th depending on the coaches schedule. We will work on the basics like proper stance, catching, throwing, and other drills so you gain the Cuthbertson basics. You register for the training by registering through the site. The training will take at locations within Waxhaw, coaches will inform parents of locations. All kids must wear a white t-shirt with name on back and blue shorts, wear cleats and have a mouth piece. Hydration throughout the day and you must bring your own water. Specific conditioning dates will be based on the head coaches schedule, we are able to condition the weeks of June 12th, June 19th, June 26th and July 10th. If you have any questions on that the rough dates and times will be please contact Tim Burke.

4/5th and 6th grade teams will hold their voluntary conditioning/training on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6:45-8:30 pm at New Town Elementary. They will hold training during the weeks of June 12th, 19th and 26th.

7th grade team will hold their voluntary conditioning/training on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:30 pm at Town Creek Park. They will hold training during the weeks of June 12th, 19th and 26th

8th grade team will hold their voluntary conditioning/training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. On Tuesday and Thursday they will be on the Nesbit Fields from 6:30-8 and Wednesday evenings at Town Creek Park from 6-8 pm. They will start their conditioning program on June 20th. Please be on the lookout for a team meeting email for June 15th.


Conditioning/training will continue the week of July 10th. Please note there are no training sessions during the weeks of July 3rd and July 17th.

Tryouts – Will be on July 24th in the evening and each head coach on the 24th will announce teams.  No later than the morning of July 25, 2017.  You have to attend the tryout day to make any team.

The equipment hand out will be on July 25th in the evening.  As many of you know it takes volunteers to run the home games and therefore we will have signup sheets to register for certain positions on home game days.

Full Contact Participation – As a county rule, we have to complete 3 days of helmets only, 3 days of full gear with no contact before the 1st official day of hitting.  This is not a team rule, it’s a per player rule.  So if your son misses one of these days, they have to complete it before they can start in a full contact practice.  Head coaches keep track of this information.



We will run a summer practice schedule that will be 6 days week with no weekends.  Once the 1st game starts, the week before we will follow our regular season practice schedule.  That scheduling will be updated by your team’s coaching staff.


Only players who run the ball in the backfield have to make a desired weight.  It varies per grade but everyone has to attend the weigh in day.  They are announced and run by the football league.


Practices schedules will run a 3-day a week schedule and will be updated once we announce our head coaches.  Adjustments can be made because of weather of school blackout dates.


We need volunteers at times and especially during game days.  If we cannot get the staff we need to run home games that team will forfeit the game. 

Post Season

Every team plays in the post season and a schedule is announced after the season completes.  In the past we have completed our season by the 2nd weekend in November.

Required for Participation

After tryouts and you are notified of making the team, you will need to attend the equipment handout session on 7/25/17 and provide a $250.00 deposit check.  The check should be written out to the CABC and it will be held until the equipment is returned. 

Before any June new player training or July voluntary conditioning workouts, all players must complete the CABC website player registration, the three CMS forms, physical, insurance (notarized) and the concussion information. 

In addition to the equipment you will also need to sign up (meaning register off the CABC website) and pay the sport fees on the CABC website of $330.00 by 8/4/17 at 12PM. 

The CABC supports both the middle school and the high school and joining the booster club helps the entire Cuthbertson cluster.

Additional Notes/Topics

Practice / Play Time

If a player misses school, they cannot attend practice unless they have a doctor’s note.  If school is missed on a Friday the player cannot play in the next game wit out a doctor’s note.

Parent / Player Conduct

You are asked as a player and parent to sign a code of conduct form.  It’s to ensure you carry yourself properly at all times.  If players get in trouble in school they will have to serve a punishment consequence at the team level.   So players will have double the punishment as playing a sport is an extra circular activity.  Schoolwork and your conduct come first!

Parents need to hold themselves to a high level of conduct when sitting in the stands.  Negative comments to any player, referees, and coaches will not be tolerated.  The ref’s will stink as its middle school football so just get over it and move on.  The CABC attends many games and if we feel you are not holding up your end of the agreement, we will ask you to leave any practice or game.

CMS Equipment Issued – The Cuthbertson program issues the following equipment.  Helmet, shoulder pads, game jersey, & guardian protective cap.  Practice pants, chinstraps, and practice jerseys are in a smaller supply and are not guaranteed for each player.