Cuthbertson Cavaliers Athletic Booster Club, Cuthbertson Middle School Athletic Booster Club, CABC, Cuthbertson Athletic Booster Club, Cavaliers Athletic Booster Club

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PRESIDENT:  Rozlynn Pollack 
Term Expires: May 31, 2021

VICE PRESIDENT:  Rozlynn Pollack

Term Expires:  May 31, 2020


SECRETARY:  Wendy Arner
Term Expires: May 31, 2020

TREASURER:  Wayne Hedin
Term Expires: May 31, 2021




The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Members eligible for office shall consist of parents or guardians of  students attending Cuthbertson High and/or Middle School who are on the Union County Public Schools Approved Volunteer List. Officers will not hold other positions within the club that would constitute a conflict of interest. Exceptions must be approved by the board and by the Athletic Director and the High School and Middle School Principals. The officers of this organization shall be elected by all members in good standing. The election shall be held at the general membership meeting in May of each election year.


A duly appointed nomination committee consisting of no more than five members in good standing appointed by the President and approved by the board shall make nominations for officers, except the founding year where the school constituency serves as

the nominating committee. The officers shall assume their duties on June 1st of each year.


The Board of Directors shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Standing Committee Chairpersons, a representative of the middle school, and the high school Athletic Director. The board shall submit to the membership a proposed

annual budget and a statement of the needs of the organization and various athletic needs. The board shall administer the activities of the organization between meetings. Each member shall hold office for a period of two years or until death, resignation, retirement, removal, disqualification or a successor is elected and qualifies with the following exception. The outgoing board will transition with the newly elected board until August 1st.